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High-end, adaptive, livestream technology.

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Resilient, Adaptive Streaming

View live events with the best quality across devices, even with limited bandwidth. Our livestream technology is a cost-effective mobile solution that allows spectators & fans a meaningful way to connect, interact, and watch events together online!

Quick & Easy Registration

Register and create an ActiveTrack account here. An ActiveTrack account is necessary to place an order with us. Your account is also where you would go to retrieve your personalized videos. All the videos in your account will be available for download and will be maintained for free for a period of 6 months. Due to the large volume of data stored on this site, videos older than 6 months will be deleted and will no longer be available.

View Livestreams

See, hear, and experience the event from the comfort of your home, or anywhere! As a spectator you will have the ability to view and engage multiple livestream feeds on one screen. Connect and chat with other viewers of the event, and cheer on the participants together! Watch and you might catch one of our active running interviews with the participants.

Personalized Videos

Order an event video and you will receive an edited personalized video of yourself from all the locations where we install our cameras. Your edited video will be placed in your account at ActiveTrack where it will be available for download. You’ll enjoy watching the video for years to come.

Broadcast your event!

Reach your audience in real time, whether you're livestreaming a marathon, trail running, paddle board race, or any competition - Livestreaming gives you a way to connect with your fans, customers, and community. Engage followers, customers, and fans around the world, where ever they watch. Share everywhere.

Livestream Activation

Contact one of our account managers to inquire about livestreaming your event. During the complementary consultation process, ActiveTrack will gather information about your competition, location, and specific needs for your broadcast. Lean on us to bring more attention to your event!

Video Management

Have on-demand access to past-event videos, create custom curated videos from your events, and use your past video content for anything you wish! Share with friends, family, or potential clients!