A Full Suite Of Cutting Edge Products For Your Race Needs

From laptops, antennas, to software - we got you covered!


Everything needed for livestreaming. Antennas, communication equipment, and all the software required to start your livestream is included with the ActiveTrack livestream system. Neatly packaged into a weatherproof case - ready for immediate use.


The same setup as the base LiveStream setup, but better. Significantly more processing capability at the field or edge. This processing power enables bib number identification and more. All packaged in a streamlined form laptop with a top of the line graphics processor - enable the speed!


ActiveTrack LiveStream is optimized to work with almost any IP camera. We can help you find the most suitable camera for your application at a price point that won't break your bank. If you are looking to implement ActiveTrack's facial recognition features - stay with the standard package of cameras we offer.

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